Jun. 25th, 2010

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Daily Zen:

"When something has happened,
Do not talk about it.
it is hard to collect spilled water."

Once more I have not been online very much over the last week or so. My apologise. I do forget I even own a computer some days.

Today I have a rare day alone here in my dorm room, as I have forced, shall be say, Senri to go and see his bestfriend. I heard that he was protesting visiting due to his saving for a bed. A ridiculous reason. He should see his friends. They are far more important than something as frivolous as a bed.

We can continue to save and will have enough despite visiting. I hope that he knows that now.

This is all distraction, really. I understand that the team are upset over Shiraishi leaving. I am, myself... however... I know something that are not yet ready to understand.

This will be best for him. He does not belong here any longer. He is always, and will always, be our dear friend and beloved Buchou. His path... at this moment... lays somewhere else.

Perhaps there will be a time in the future when our paths will inter-connect. I truly hope that they do.


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